There are two allotment sites in Scalford: Stonestile Gardens at the end of Sandy Lane, and the Horsepool allotments on the Scalford Back Road. If you are interested and require further information, please contact the clerk, Chris Hill at (telephone 01664 411705).

Rent is £20 per year at Horsepool and £15 per year at Stonestile, payable in advance in October each year. There are a limited number of half-allotments, which will be charged at £10 and £7.50

In addition, a deposit of £50 is required. Should any allotment be allowed to become overgrown, this sum will be used to clear it and make it suitable for re-letting. The sum will, of course, be repaid to anyone giving up an allotment and leaving it in an orderly condition.

Horsepool allotments

Stonestile Gardens