Scalford cemetery is situated on the Melton Road, just outside the village. All applications for burial sites, which are normally accepted only for residents of the parish, should first be made to the clerk Chris Hill tel. 01664 411705. A list of charges can be seen below.

Service Charge
Purchase of grave space £ 350.00
Purchase of grave space – child 1 to 14 £  70.00
Exclusive Right of Burial additional charge £  50.00
First interment £ 150.00
Subsequent interments £  60.00
Purchase Cremation Plot single £150.00
Interment of cremated remains £  60.00
Interment of stillborn child and child under 1 year old No charge
Interment of cremated remains (child) No charge
Scattering of cremated remains No charge
All other matters quoted on request Admin Fee £  30.00


Parish Council policy is to accept only headstones on graves – £70.00. No kerbs allowed. Additional inscriptions on existing headstones £25.00, subject to the contractor restoring the grave to its original condition.

Garden of remembrance only cremation tablets £35.00 by agreement of Parish Council.